With Voters calling for “Anyone But Bowser” Grant Sets the Record for Support


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Auntea Marie

With Voters calling for “Anyone But Bowser” Grant Sets the Record for Support

DC Independent Mayoral Candidate Rodney “Red” Grant submits nearly 5000 Signatures from DC Voters


WASHINGTON, DC, AUGUST 23, 2022 — Historically, democratic candidates are required to submit 2,000 signatures from registered voters. Rodney Red Grant secured more than double that figure as he engaged the public on his “Listening Tour” across the city. Independent candidates for Mayor are required to secure 3,000 signatures to gain ballot access. The Grant campaign submitted a final total of 4,700 confirmed District resident signatures. From Foxhall Road to Southern Avenue, Grant has been meeting with voters and listening to their concerns. On the minds of many are concerns about what happens if the incumbent Mayor, Muriel Bowser, is elected to a third term. DC has prioritized extensive development, but has simultaneously experienced the largest population percentage drop in the country. Last year’s population drop was the highest in 20 years.

Rodney Red Grant is from DC, and many in the District can relate to “Red” as a father, brother, son, and concerned resident. His humanitarian efforts around the city from turkey drives, to peace protests along with his platform of social programming for residents from all backgrounds and tax brackets, have drawn comparisons to beloved former Mayor, Marion Barry. Grant is an advocate for alternative housing solutions, innovative approaches to crime reduction, and incentives for District residents. While “Red” runs a grassroots campaign, without funding from big development and corporate dollars, many D.C. voters are signing up for “change.”

On August 22, 2022 Rodney Red Grant was confirmed by the Board of Elections as an official Mayoral Candidate for Washington DC.

NOTE: Readers are encouraged to follow Rodney Red Grant on social media at @redgrant on Instagram to follow his campaign. Red will be hosting numerous meet and greet events for voters around the city and he encourages everyone to come and share their concerns and suggestions pertaining to the District. You can visit Rodney “Red” Grant’s website at www.grant4mayordc.com.