As Crime Worsens, Grant’s Plan for Public Safety Could Secure a Safer District


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Auntea Marie

As Crime Worsens, Grant’s Plan for Public Safety Could Secure a Safer District

DC’s Independent Mayoral Candidate Rodney “Red” Grant Calls for Change, Offers Solutions


WASHINGTON, DC, SEPTEMBER 6, 2022Crime in DC continues to rise under the current administration. The homicide rate has peaked 158% in the last decade. In order to provide the fundamental right of safety for DC residents, an urgent call to action is needed. 

As a concerned resident, Independent Mayoral Candidate, Rodney “Red” Grant, has proposed the following solutions: 

  • Fact: 64% of violent crimes committed by youth are on school days; peaking between 3pm and 7pm. 

Solutions: Increase youth programs and prevention to fill their time. Bring back Summer Jobs that provide an alternative, and legal, way to earn revenue. 

  • Fact: 6.5% of officers have Adverse Actions against them (231 Officers) 

Solutions: Increase training, eliminate peer oversight, and replace it with community based oversight. 

  • Fact: 21 out of 24 cases brought to the Adverse Action Panel to terminate officers resulted in sentences reduced to suspension or acquittal. Officers face no consequences from a panel led by current officers. 

Solutions: The Adverse Action Panel needs to be civilian appointed and led by citizens who are not engaged in the police department in order to serve as a truly independent review counsel. 

  • Fact: Trust and relations between citizens and officers are extremely tenuous. Many police don’t understand the people and many people don’t trust the police. Only 17% of MPD officers live in D.C. 

Solutions: Sensitivity and community training should be conducted at a higher rate. Police should know the residents. Police should know and respect the community and culture. 

  • Fact: Many 911 calls involve mental health issues and police officers are not certified in mental health. 

Solutions: Mental Health and crisis professionals should be assigned to officers to assist in mental health related calls for service. Currently officers do only 20 hours of mental health training. More officers with masters degrees or mental health experience should be hired.

  • Fact: Officers are concerned about sharing information on incidents or problems they may have witnessed on the job due to potential retaliation from peers. 

Solutions: Safe spaces need to be created for officers to be forthcoming. Integrity should be rewarded. 

  • Fact: Residents currently have little influence in how their communities are policed. 

Solutions: Create a “Resident Review Board” to grade MPD performance relative to community complaints, to make recommendations on personnel decisions, reinitiate the orange hat patrol and allow residents to participate in neighborhood safety. 

  • Fact: Communities are experiencing crime from businesses that attract acts of violence/loitering as well as vacant properties to the detriment of the public. 

Solutions: Lease vacant spaces to nonprofits and community groups, enforce loitering laws,and assist high crime businesses in creating safety plans. 

  • Fact: The District currently has inadequate victim assistance programming in place. 

Solutions: Open budgets for relocation and protection of citizens, assist with safety and protection of residents and victims of crime. 

  • Fact: Better connections and relations between police and residents are needed, starting with our youth. 

Solutions: Develop additional training specifically for officers placed in schools where officers can receive special training to work with children, allowing them to build relationships with young people. Expand the “Officer Friendly”program so that youth can develop a positive image of police officers. Implement the Police Activities League (PAL) and DARE programs in schools. 

As a citizen and humanitarian, Rodney Red Grant has created and funded programs to help the youth. This summer, his HUF program certified more than 1500 residents in meaningful skills like Microsoft Office, A+, and Security+. He has reached more than 600 youth through his community initiative “Beyond Your Block.” Additionally, his outreach program “Don’t Shoot Guns, Shoot Cameras” has given opportunities to hundreds of young people, teaching them 

production, screenwriting, and creative skills from thought to theater. 

NOTE: Readers are encouraged to follow Rodney Red Grant on social media at @redgrant on Instagram to follow his campaign. Red will be hosting numerous meet and greet events for voters around the city and he encourages everyone to come and share their concerns and suggestions pertaining to the District. You can visit Rodney “Red” Grant’s website at