Independent Candidate Rodney “Red” Grant is Making History


Media Contact:
Auntea Marie

Written by: Ryan Joy

Independent Candidate Rodney “Red” Grant
is Making History

The ‘22 DC Mayoral Elections Are Historic for a Few Key Reasons


WASHINGTON, DC, SEPTEMBER 13, 2022As summer turns to fall, the 2022 DC Mayoral race is right around the corner. This year’s election has a number of interesting dynamics at play:

Term Time – Many Muriel-fatigued District voters are calling for “Anyone but Bowser.” The current Mayor, Muriel Bowser, has completed two terms, a win in this election would make her a 3-term Mayor, something that is rather rare for major cities in the modern era. 

Independence – For his part, Rodney “Red” Grant could become the first Independent candidate to serve as Mayor of Washington DC, a welcomed change from his party-obligated predecessors and a new approach to politics and leadership. 

Back to Barry – Rodney “Red” Grant, a D.C. native, is drawing comparisons to D.C.’s “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry, for the energy he is bringing to the community through his humanitarian endeavors that calls for increased programs and initiatives for the youth, elderly, and the District’s small business community, as well as solutions for DC’s dire housing issues. 

Not a Joke – Red is not just a comedian, but an entertainment executive, seeking an executive role in the Office of the Mayor. He would join the likes of Arnold Schwartzenegger and Ronald Reagan as entertainers who transitioned to public office. 

Statehood – This mayoral race has an added air of importance as the DC Statehood debate may be resolved soon. If DC is granted statehood, whomever the mayor is, will be in the unprecedented position of leading a city into becoming a state. 

Signed, The People – Rodney “Red” Grant received a historic number of signatures, (4,700), from Washington voters. This is the most signatures gathered for the 2022 elections in the District. Democratic candidates are required to submit 2,000 signatures. Red, an Independent Candidate, and well known celebrity figure, overly exceeded that requirement earning his place on the ballot. It seems his message of #purposeoverpopularity is resonating with residents. 

NOTE: Readers are encouraged to follow Rodney “Red” Grant on social media at @redgrant on Instagram to follow his campaign. Red will be hosting numerous meet and greet events for voters around the city and he encourages everyone to come and share their concerns and suggestions pertaining to the District. You can visit his website at