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Our mission is rooted in LOVE, CARE, and RESPECT that will radiate throughout our City;

Real Public Safety, Criminal Justice Reform and Mental Health programs that Protect and Serve our Community

Real Youth and Seniors programs

Real Displaced Citizens, Homeless & Veteran-centered programs

Real Affordable Housing 

Real Small Businesses that were once the pillars of our community and a direct pipeline to our middle class 

Our community faces these Real impediments in the effort to unite everyone to reach a sustainable lifestyle.

Make DC an Anti-Poverty City

As mayor I would:

  • Increase affordable housing by regulating requirements for banks funding development projects in the city
  • Create checks and balances for the use of housing production trust fund resources to eliminate misappropriations 
  • Streamline DHS and homeless service processes and create online services 
  • Enhance partnerships with Veteran Affairs
  • Provide sensitivity training to federal and local law enforcement agencies with the assistance of social workers 
  • Invest in job training for the present and future workforce

Advocate for Small Businesses

As mayor I would:

  • Streamline the Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) process 
  • Create opportunities for district residents to set up businesses that can qualify for government contracts 
  • Incentivize businesses to hire local D.C. residents
  • Implement strong recovery plans for businesses affected by COVID-19

Increase Public Safety & Quality of Life

As mayor I would:

  • Partner with ANC’s to create neighborhood watches to promote community accountability 
  • Support mental health awareness & wellness programming
  • Revive arts, culture, and youth programing  
  • Bring awareness to the District’s unwanted firearm program 
  • Revitalize youth and senior programming

Provide Education Equality

As mayor I would:

  • Ensure equitable disbursement of funding across school systems 
  • Implement social programs for students experiencing homelessness
  • Increase access to city broadband and electronic devices 
  • Integrate mental health services in DCPS and DCPCS

Join our movement by donating anything you can.

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