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Our mission is rooted in LOVE, CARE, and RESPECT that will radiate throughout our City;

Real Public Safety, Criminal Justice Reform and Mental Health programs that Protect and Serve our Community

Real Youth and Seniors programs

Real Displaced Citizens, Homeless & Veteran-centered programs

Real Affordable Housing 

Real Small Businesses that were once the pillars of our community and a direct pipeline to our middle class 

Our community faces these Real impediments in the effort to unite everyone to reach a sustainable lifestyle.

Make DC an Anti-Poverty City

As mayor I would:

  • Increase affordable housing by regulating requirements for banks funding development projects in the city
  • Create checks and balances for the use of housing production trust fund resources to eliminate misappropriations 
  • Streamline DHS and homeless service processes and create online services 
  • Enhance partnerships with Veteran Affairs
  • Provide sensitivity training to federal and local law enforcement agencies with the assistance of social workers 
  • Invest in job training for the present and future workforce

Advocate for Small Businesses

As mayor I would:

  • Streamline the Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) process 
  • Create opportunities for district residents to set up businesses that can qualify for government contracts 
  • Incentivize businesses to hire local D.C. residents
  • Implement strong recovery plans for businesses affected by COVID-19

Increase Public Safety & Quality of Life

As mayor I would:

  • Partner with ANC’s to create neighborhood watches to promote community accountability 
  • Support mental health awareness & wellness programming
  • Revive arts, culture, and youth programing  
  • Bring awareness to the District’s unwanted firearm program 
  • Revitalize youth and senior programming

Provide Education Equality

As mayor I would:

  • Ensure equitable disbursement of funding across school systems 
  • Implement social programs for students experiencing homelessness
  • Increase access to city broadband and electronic devices 
  • Integrate mental health services in DCPS and DCPCS

Leading the Fight for Rights and Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community

Over the past 20+ years I have been an ally, supporting the most powerful movement for equality our country has ever seen. Despite the progress that has been achieved, our most marginalized citizens are still suffering from violence, discrimination and fear. My goal as mayor is to ensure that all LGBTQIA+ people, and particularly those who are trans, people of color and HIV+, are treated as full and equal citizens across Washington, DC.

Join our movement by donating anything you can.

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