5 Cruel Zodiac Signs Who Enjoy Hurting Others


Scorpios are cruelest. They don't mind bullying or manipulating others. Scorpios are cruel and blame victims for getting in their way.


Cancers are possessive and emotional. Cancer attacks when threatened or losing what they love. When people feel this way, they appear to intuitively attack where it hurts most.


Capricorns have a dark side, and when they go there, they break all their rules. They use harshness to get ahead or get revenge.


Aries say nasty things. When furious or frustrated, they say everything without thinking about how it may harm others or make Aries appear. 


Leos know exactly what sounds good but will break your heart. If they want to ruin you, they'll be filthy.


Heartless individuals get a rush from inflicting suffering on others, and they may even enjoy doing it.

 They have no capacity for compassion and cannot fathom the harm they do to others. They have no idea how much damage they inflict to people's hearts and minds.

We're not implying that everyone born under these signs is necessarily bad, but they are more likely to act cruelly than those born under other stars.