American Dog Breeds That Are Extremely Common


Historically, the bulldog was bred in England for the purposes of property guarding, livestock driving, and even brutal blood sports.

The moniker "Australian shepherd" is misleading, considering the breed was really created in the United States. Because its ancestors traveled through Australia

The American Eskimo dog wasn't developed by natives, despite the name; rather, it was introduced to the United States by German immigrants in the early 1800s 

Lenanet/Getty Images/American Hairless Terrier on Grass When a hairless female puppy called Josephine was born to a litter of purebred rat terriers

Sled dogs of the Alaskan malamute breed are said to have descended from wolf-dogs many generations ago. 

LThe coat is double and thick, and the hues range from gray to black to sable to white; the eyes, however, must be brown and never blue.

The coat is short and silky, and it may be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with the exception of solid black, solid blue, merle, and tricolor.

 In the 1700s, bulldogs made their way to America, where they quickly found employment herding cattle and serving as guard dogs on farms and ranches.