Amusing Accounts About Pets That Will Make You Laugh


The dog "liked to lick the built-up ice in the freezer every time we opened the door," Reddit user Pondglow recalled. 

When we initially brought him to a lake, he became so enthusiastic that he rushed right in, without even realizing what he was getting into.

Yes, water! No worries here. Maintains a steady course toward the center. We were hoping he'd take to the water. And not sink either.

Have you ever purchased an expensive toy for your pet only to have it reject it in favor of a paper bag? The cat of Reddit user etaoin0shrdlu had a similar experience, albeit with tape instead of a box. 

A reel of fly tape was once found by my cat in a kitchen cupboard. I don't know how he did it, but when we stepped in, he was basically hog-tied to the floor in the center of the room.

We had a chihuahua that weighed about four pounds when it was fully wet when I was a kid. Reddit user firexcracker recalled how his family once "was sitting in the living room watching a movie.

When a cat hurts itself doing something, it usually stops doing it permanently. Asharet's childhood cat, however, was not like that at all. 

When I was a teenager, I had a farm cat that liked to hang out on the roof. The problem was that anytime he spotted a human, he immediately rolled over to have his belly rubbed.