Astrologers' Angriest Zodiac Sign

Some individuals become so enraged that steam flows out of their ears. They get angry easily and roar till they're crimson.

f you get them angry, don't get caught in the crossfire. Does their zodiac sign cause their temper? Discover the most enraged zodiac sign.

Mystic Sense astrologist Rachel Clare thinks this bull may grow abnormally aggressive when their security is challenged.

Aries, governed by Mars, the god of battle, is the most irritable sign. They're passionate yet aggressive and tempermental.

Leos are big-hearted and honest. "They'll go to the moon and back for those they care about, but if they or their egos are hurt, their claws will come out,"

Sagittarians are positive and eager to explore life. They love learning and exploring the world, but their zeal may make them angry.

Scorpios are sensitive yet don't show it. Pluto, the planet of transition, deepens their character.

Aquarians are distinctive and free-thinking. When they have to justify themselves, they become upset.