Eight Ways Men Can Improve Their Bodies

The 'energy cost' of a body with more muscle mass is higher than that of a body with too much fat. So, if you build muscle, your engine runs faster all the time, which helps you lose more body fat.

Two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is the most we can use and absorb in a day, and that's for someone who works out very hard. Any protein the body doesn't need is kept as fat.

Try switching between a boozy drink and a glass of water. This will keep the calories down and counteract the fact that booze can make you feel thirsty.

If you don't use the calories from beer, wine, and spirits when you drink them, your body will store them as fat. So, cutting back on alcohol will help you lose weight.

Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you, at your desk, in your car, etc. This will help you stay hydrated, keep your skin looking great, and stop you from thinking you're hungry when you're not.

When you don't drink enough water, you may feel like you're hungry when you really aren't. These fake hunger pangs are often filled by processed foods like chocolate and other sweets.

Try to always choose whole foods for meals and snacks. Processed foods, like those that come in packages, tend to be low in nutrients and high in calories you don't want, like fat and sugar.

Always keep in mind that trying to lose more than half a kilogram (1 lb) per week will almost always cause you to gain weight back.