How to Date Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Aries express themselves and pursue their recent conquests, making it simple to see whether a ram likes you. Expect darts or foosball dates to test your competitiveness. 


Taurus Tauruses are sensuous and want mates that fulfill them in every way. The Bull is devastating if they question every aspect of your life. 


Dating a Gemini means endless chatter and enjoyment. Their incessant chatter will eventually grow on you. Dating a Gemini provides constant attention, adventure, and a chance to work alongside your BFF


The Crab may be the ideal snuggling friend if you want someone to keep you warm at night and be nice and kind during the day. If you disturb their calm, they'll snap their pincers. 


Leos love fiercely. Expect your Leo admirer to shower you with love. Long-stemmed flowers will accompany their heartfelt texts. 


Virgos criticize everything you do when they like you. They're not haters—they only want the best for people they love and use their thoughts as motivation. 


Hopeless romantics charm their romantic prospects with wine, art, presents, and nice words. You will be their muse and inspire them to professional excellence. 


Scorpio decides whether to commit to a potential partner within minutes of meeting them. Scorpio's intuition and intensity give them insight. 


Sagittarius dating is limitless. The fun-loving fire sign wants to party every night with their love and tour the world. If a Sagittarius invites you on a crazy journey, they like you.


Capricorns take dating seriously and inquire more about themselves than job interviewers. Capricorn wants their crush to share interests so they can truly enjoy their time together. 


Friendship is required to date an Aquarius. Aquarius will be ready to jump after weeks or months of constructing a foundation. They want independence and autonomy in all relationships. 


You'll be golden if you can match Pisces' imagination. They value their dreams and seek companions who share them. Pisces avoid negativity and control.