How Your Sign Says to Be Quiet


Tinder. And, to be more explicit, the extent to which you want to be laid.

How desperately you wish you had something to drink. (It's 2 pm!)

That book about introverted geniuses. That's OK, but do you know you sound snobby? You're smart. Stop demeaning others.

Yourself. Please. For just one minute, speak about anything else.

The whining, acoustic coffee shop CD that you've been listening to over and over again.

That one student in your class that asks the most inane inquiries at every opportunity.

People born between April 20 and May 20 are loyal, grounded, and honorable. They like crafts, gardening, cooking, and the odd alcoholic beverage.

Your hidden competitor at work. We understand! This individual intimidates you. Always complain.