Massive Cats: The Top Five Giant Cat Breeds


The distinctive shape of an American Bobtail cat's tail is the first distinguishing feature. What the heck! Their little stubby tails, which only reach a few inches in length, are quite charming. 

Male American Bobtails may reach up to 16 pounds in weight and 10 inches in height at maturity. Although they are the twelfth most popular breed of cat,

Domesticated cats and jungle cats were bred to create the chausies. This makes them one of the biggest species of domestic cat. 

Top 10 Dog Ear Drops Based on Reviews. The world's longest cat, the Siberian, out for a stroll in the snow. The longest cats also have the strongest physiques.

The curious Turkish Van is a fun addition to virtually any household, despite its propensity to toy with its water dish rather than actually drink from it. 

The Turkish Van takes up to five years to achieve full maturity, but that's plenty of time for them to put on the massive size and strength that puts them among the biggest cat breeds in the world. 

Many vets recommend waiting until the kitten is a year old to neuter a Turkish Van because of the enormous size they may reach.

The Bengal cat is a famous hybrid breed descended from the domestic Egyptian Mau and the spotted wild Asian leopard cat. Their untamed forebears gave them a one-of-a-kind appearance