Pet Tales to Make You Smile


Cats are notorious for their ability to squeeze their bodies into almost impossible positions. One Reddit user found the answer in an air vent. 

We took a weekend trip while our home was being remodeled. We returned, but the cat had vanished. He later said, "I saw claw marks around the open duct 

"I foolishly led our beloved cat to his destiny, and I immediately imagined I would be digging a dead cat out of the wall.

 I surrendered to my despair by falling down against the wall, trying to figure out how to explain this to my wife and three-year-old. 

A dog making an effort is hard to fault, especially when the result is as adorable as this. 

"My significant other and I had been trying to teach our dog to make less of a mess in our house—specifically, to not pull toilet paper off the roll," ringofstones commented on Reddit.

"We weren't sure we were making any progress until we got home from work one day to discover that nearly two feet of toilet paper had been unrolled while we were gone

 I can almost see her joyfully playing with it, then realizing we're there and saying "Oh, crap!" before frantically attempting to clean up her mess.