Starting July 17, 3 Zodiac Signs May Have Difficult Week


It's only accessible via it. Aries, you may have a "night of the soul" before reaching your peak this week. 


You're angry at how your life has gone apart, but it's not hopeless. Pluto energy makes you feel like it's now or never to change. 


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. You realize you've neglected yourself and rationalized it. On July 17–23, you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, but you won't say it.

As usual, you'll overcome your self-hate. Planning for the future acknowledges that only you can change. You must embrace yourself and stop body shaming. 

But how? First move? On July 17–23, you'll realize you're unsatisfied with everything and need to change.

You can't continue at this rate and understand the need to pull yourself out of misery. You feel determined as Leo season approaches.

Capricorn, you're very self-critical this week, and your enthusiasm appears to fuel it. You don't hate yourself, but you loathe some qualities about yourself and realize you need to change to survive.