The Ideal Teddy Bear, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Aries begins the zodiac. They're Mars-ruled and enthusiastic about everything. However, they adore you. They want you to indulge them while maintaining their identity.

Taurians initiate relationships maturely. As they develop, they become more childish. Their inner kid is for people they trust and love. Venus-ruled, they put others first.

Geminis are dual-personality. They seek your kind affection. However, they value someone who can balance loving and dominating.

This moon-ruled zodiac sign is gentle. Only this attribute makes them spooky. How come? Thus, rejection or ridicule frightens their fragile hearts.

Leos may have heart and BP issues. They must control their fire element to avoid heart palpitations.

Virgos are obstinate and inventive. They would also find several methods to express their affection. Virgos love you 200% if you love them 100%.

Everyone seeks acceptance in pink. It describes love for a libra. This Venus-ruled zodiac sign constantly shares love and pleasure.

Beware ram-sign parents. Natural leaders are independent. "Bedtime?" they'll ask. "What bedtime!" till their faces become blue.