The Top  U.S. Cat Breeds


After leading the CFA's most popular breeds list every year, the Ragdoll currently ranks first. Ragdolls adore being pulled up. 

The Exotic Shorthair topped CFA's list in 2017, but it's now third. The typical 10- to 12-pound Exotic Shorthair, bred from Persian cats, is kind, docile, and playful.

Maine Coon. Maine Coon cats, known as "the gentle giants," are large—males weigh 18 pounds and females 12 pounds—but cherished for their wild look. 

Since they love their owners, they make ideal companion cats. Some cat enthusiasts say Maine Coons are funny and prefer playing over cat naps.

British Shorthairs, one of the oldest cat breeds, are revered. With a thick coat, large face, and supple physique, these cats seem like royalty. 

They are usually gray-blue with orange eyes and medium-length tails. British Shorthairs are lazy, but who doesn't want a relaxed pet?

Abyssinians (or Abys) were transported to North America in the early 1900s from Abyssinia and are said to most closely resemble the hunting cats

Scottish Folds lack ear cartilage because to natural dominant gene mutation. The Scottish Fold's "owl-like" ears fold due to this.