The twelve signs of the zodiac cheat on their significant others.


When confronted with adultery, an Aries may become icy and aggressive. You may be guaranteed that word will spread quickly if you have deceived an Ariean.


When it comes to infidelity, Taurus has an incredible protection mechanism. They will stop communicating with you, abandon you in the middle of a project, let your trust evaporate, and move on.


Their first response will either be a violent outburst or an apparent lack of emotion. But the fallout will be severe and violent.


They cause pain and then disappear. A Cancerian will not forgive infidelity and will have nothing further to do with an unfaithful partner.


Leo will do all in his power to make your life a misery. They will use every resource at their disposal to make you pay for what you've done.


A Virgo's ugliest side is shown after they've been cheated on since they have such a hard time coping with emotional pain in general. They are eager to go into an anti-human diatribe.


You will regret cheating on a Scorpio. They'll figure out how to get to you when it counts. If you cheat on them, you're in for a rough time since they are vicious and spiteful.


It's a huge error to cheat on a Libra. If you're cheating, this zodiac sign will reveal it. Everyone you know, from your loved ones to your coworkers to your supervisor, will find out about your transgression.


An Aquarius will have a tantrum as their first reaction, and then they'll depart. They won't stay no matter what you say or do.


They have zero tolerance for cheating and will do whatever it takes to make your life a miserable hell because of it.