The Zodiac Sign-Specific Nail Art You Need to Try


When I think about your passionate spirit, Aries, a few words that spring to mind are feisty, bold, and daring. These are just a few of the many characteristics that come to mind. 


We recognize you and the kind, creative, and humble spirits that you exude. You were born to be one with the earth, so if you want to express your connection to the natural world,


Why settle for just one if you can have them all? We believe that getting a manicure that has many different colors is the best method for you to convey the personality traits of being flirty, lively, and easily bored. 


Because of your loving and kind nature, a color palette consisting of soft pastels, especially a fanciful lilac that oozes beauty and tranquillity, 


It seems to me that a typical Leo would have a flair for the dramatic and flamboyant, and it would be a pity if your nails reflected anything else than that. 


Because of your painstaking attention to detail, you have a want for something timeless. A French manicure that is both stylish and polished is the perfect choice.


We are certain that you, natural charmers, can pull off anything, but we think that pink is one of the colors that has the greatest potential since it is easy to wear, it is trendy, and it is fun.


You can pull off wearing dark colors like no one else. You need your nails to match your degree of intensity, and nothing beats a dark color like a classic bold black to turn a few heads.


Animal patterned claws are the new flowers, so let your wild and adventurous spirit run free when you wear one of them.


Capricorns are known for their diligence, realism, and work ethic, not to mention the fact that they loooove (totally, adore) their employment


Only you, Aquarius, are capable of pulling off nails that are as bright as the sun itself. You are fearless, self-assured, and you don't like to blend in, and nothing shouts "out of the box" quite like a splash of neon.


Your sensitive hearts are worthy of nothing less than the very best, and a blue mani will always provide that for you. Instead of getting a boring blue mani,