These three signs of the Zodiac would rather have a straightforward proposition.


If you're dating a Scorpio, you may want to reconsider that elaborate proposal you've been preparing since the mysterious water sign doesn't like it when others get all up in their business. 

"It's not their style to have the spotlight shine on them," Lee comments of the placard. Scorpios are also quite protective of their own space and dislike having it invaded, particularly by strangers. Okay, I get it.

Lee claims that a large, flashy proposal is unlikely to thrill a Capricorn since the sign already has trouble connecting with its emotional side.

 They are quite careful about maintaining a stoic image, and would never do anything to risk that. According to Lee

, "Caps are very selective and have no time for games, so they prefer it short, sweet, and to the point!"

Despite their public displays of affection, Aquarians are too modest to propose in a public forum. For the air sign, the proposal should be kept "cute and cordial," as described by Lee to Bustle:

They don't really care for all the flashy stuff; Aquas would rather be in the company of people they are most comfortable with so they can freak out about being proposed to without feeling judged.