This Wine Is Specifically Selected for Your Zodiac Sign


You may expect a dry, peppery taste from a young tempranillo since it hasn't spent much time in oak barrels. "Like Aries people, this light, Spanish red wine is straightforward, tart, and lacks complexity


Where do syrah and shiraz diverge? "This grape variety is known as Syrah in France, while in Australia it is known as Shiraz. She notes that the traits of the Taurus zodiac sign are "full-bodied,


Like a Gemini, this renowned white wine from Italy is delightfully easygoing and simple. "And, like this zodiac sign, it lacks staying power, so enjoy it while it's young instead of stashing


This summer, try this delicious white Italian wine with shrimp or oysters instead of your typical dessert wine. According to Alexander, "the most popular type of moscato is sweet, delicate,


This bold Italian red wine is full of character, much as persons born under the sign of the Leo. According to Alexander, "you need to drink amarone with a hearty meal to truly appreciate its powerful flavor.


Main character Miles Raymond calls pinot noir "thin-skinned and temperamental" in the film Sideways. It's not a hardy plant that can survive in poor conditions, like cabernet," she explains.


Chardonnay is a traditional, timeless drink, much like Libras. Seafood, salads, and even meats all go well with it, and it's generally well-liked by white wine enthusiasts.


Zinfandel has the greatest alcohol percentage of non-fortified wines (up to 17%), and Scorpios are zealots. Alexander adds, "Red zin's dry, bold, intense


Beaujolais fresh debuts on the third Thursday of November, when the sun enters Sagittarius. Alexander says this light, red wine is designed to be drank


"Hardy cabernet sauvignon grapes have thick, resistant skins—like Capricorns—that enable them to thrive in a range of locales," adds Alexander. Cabs ripen in oak casks for two years before bottling, like Capricorns.


"Crisp and dry, sauvignon blanc has a citrusy flavor that's assertive, acidic, and even sharp, like Aquarians sometimes," she explains.


These water signs take "sensitivity" to the next level without overreacting. After the sun sets, these babies' imaginations go wild because they're ultrasensitive to their surroundings.