What your clothes say about who you are.


Wearing primary colors like yellow, orange, and red often indicates that you are ahead of the fashion curve. You have an endearing manner about you and are quite personable. 

Black, gray, and navy blue are timeless colors, and anybody who wears them often is nicely put together. You have a keen wit and demeanor, and people frequently comment on how well-organized and polite you are.

Dresses featuring abstract designs, including numerals, mantras, geometric shapes, or tribal patterns, are a certain way to show the world that you are not afraid to make a statement. 

You say what you think and dislike being micromanaged. You are likely to be a highly creative and outspoken person who enjoys expressing yourself.

Wearing a t-shirt with a bold statement on it is a sure sign that you aren't afraid to share your thoughts with the world. If the message is political, this may be especially true. 

However, it may also imply that you wish to bring attention to oneself by seeming to be biased toward a specific viewpoint, even if that viewpoint isn't really shared by you.

EVERY ARTIST: Wearing nothing but designer labels might be a symptom of a deeper problem with how one sees oneself. You may want esteem from others, but not for your intrinsic beauty,

One school of thought holds that persons who choose to dress in looser garments tend to have a more expansive worldview than their more closed-minded counterparts.