Your Zodiac Sign's Wallpaper Choice


The boldest zodiac sign should choose a bold wallpaper. This Pierre Frey woven pattern has dancing flames and a reptile feel to provoke astonishment and touch. 


Tauruses love to rest. Sister Parish's palm tree pattern suits earthy self-care advocates. Tauruses like the repeated pattern because it eliminates surprises yet gives the impression of a spa treatment. 


Geminis require a style that feeds their voracious curiosity. Hermès has a biblio-inspired pattern that makes you want to read. Beware: igniting a Gemini's mind will never be extinguished. 


As homebodies, sensitive Cancers need wallpaper they can look at for hours. Chasing Paper's Bubble pattern calms water signs. 


Leos are known for being theatrical and demanding fame. This dynamic fire sign requires a background that shouts "All eyes on me!" Voutsa's tentlike stripes suggest something is going to happen onstage or off. 


Virgos may surprise despite their pragmatism. This wallpaper touches on the sign's daring side with surprising hue combinations while staying on brand with a grid design that promotes coloring inside the lines, giving attentive,


This wallpaper represents Libras' appreciation of art and beauty, since Venus rules the sign. Ancient beauty, museum trips, and delicious fruit make any environment pleasurable. 


Our favorite dark and stormy sign and Osborne & Little's flowery wall covering are intense, passionate, and oozing with desire. Scorpios, who blossom constantly, 


Fire signs need an adventurous print. Studio Four NYC's surfboard wallpaper makes you want to go surfing or explore your neighborhood, even knowing they'll seldom be home to appreciate it. v


Even while they're relaxing, Capricorns are undoubtedly thinking about a deadline or networking opportunity. A wallpaper design that inspires creativity and attention is ideal.


This wallpaper revives odd for Aquarians. The final zodiac sign would adore a wacky fish collage in a foyer or living room. Due to their trendsetting nature,


Why not embellish this sign's area with their permanently cloudy heads? Anthropologie's appropriate design gives innovative, compassionate Pisces